NZ Native Flowers Apron

$48.00 NZD

A lovely selection of our flora. We are blessed to have such unique plants on our islands. Beautiful, hardy and resilient. A bit like us really.

Each Apron is hand-made with love and attention to detail, sewn on-site at The Langford Store, by owner Sukhita Langford. 

Crafted from a wonderful range of Kiwiana fabric, 100% cotton and lined with Calico, makes these aprons comfortable to wear and practical to use.

This full length Apron has a generous pocket in the front.

It has a neck strap to slip over your head and side straps that tie behind.

This an essential item for every discerning householder.

To care for, just machine wash, line dry and iron.

Measures top to bottom 80cm, width 53cm and neck to shoulder drop 23cm.